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The 1946 map is 100 percent accurate and 100 percent misleading. True, 6 percent of the land was Jewish-owned and the rest was non-Jewish-owned but that does not mean Palestinian-owned. Only 3 percent was owned by local Arabs. 91 percent was owned by absentee Ottoman landlords. Private ownership, of course, has nothing to do with sovereign title.

The whole of the area plus an additional area about 4 times larger was transferred from the Ottoman Empire to the League of Nations after WWI as a trust area under the Palestine Mandate. It was intended as the Jewish homeland although the League retained the right to withhold the Jewish people’s right of settlement in the TransJordanian province of Palestine-now the Kingdom of Jordan-if they decided that local conditions made such action desirable. That left everything west of the Jordan River as the site of the Jewish state.

In other words, an Arab state was never contemplated by international treaty west of the Jordan River. “Palestinians” aren’t even referenced in UNSCR 242, the basis of regional diplomacy since 1967.

Arab Palestinians have no right to territory and all the other maps represent only opportunities that they threw away. In 1993, at Oslo, Israel voluntarily and foolishly offered another chance for Palestinians to gain territory through negotiations. To Hamas, negotiating means shooting rockets at Israel. They are very unclear on the concept.
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This is an important cause. Solidarity to those who fight for justice.
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Has Created 4 million+ Refugees

Holds World’s record for UN Violations at 69+, Killed more innocent civilians per capita than any other country 50,000,

Has Imprisoned more civilians per cap 250,000 , Rendered more civilians Handicapped per cap 50,000

Demolishedmore homes than any other country 60,000+

Outlawed marriage to Non-Jews, Destroyed 350 Christian Churches & Mosques

6 Wars in 60 years

254 km of Apartheid Wall, 562 Check Points and Has Ethnically cleansed 531 villages
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